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What's your current project?

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    Sure will. I've been waiting for this for a long time.


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      I just got these two guys "done."
      The classic body guy I got in a bag of parts, no arms and no legs below his knees and his hip balls were both gone. So managed to mostly piece him together out of a few parts bags, still cant get his right hand all the way in, his stringing however was still good so I didn't want to fully unstring him so just cut openings in reproduction hip balls and slid them on.

      The muscle body I wasn't comfortable cracking open and I didn't fully like the results of just a stringing, so I built a system using modified reproduction foot pegs. I had to swap to a smaller elastic cord than I would have liked, I used a wider band at first and the results were great but they kept untieing themselves around his elbows. So the cord works for that though not as tight andI cant get a full bend in his elbows, about 80% I'd guess as of now, so I'm still looking at other options but it works mostly. It does have the odd side effect that you can pull his arms out if you want.


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        I wanna finish up kitting some guys out for some Nam type photos.


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          Click image for larger version

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          I scored a Talking Man of Action on Ebay today! For less than the Club talkers are now going for! Looking forward to hearing what he has to say. He should arrive around May 8. I'll be sure to post some pictures of this newest member of my vintage Adventure Team.

          Also, the helo project is temporarily on hold. I managed to buy a cheap Adventure Team Vehicle a while back, and I've been working on restoring it. I've nearly got all the sticker residue off, and the dirt this thing picked up during it's time with the Adventure Team was truly epic. I found an old pull tab from a soda can inside, and also a rusted paper clip, and a little plastic Indian brave! Plus a whole lot of leaf fragments. So now I'm almost ready to polish the plastic, and then finally apply the decals. Only issue with it - other than extreme dirt and scratches, was that one of the stick handles is broken off. I may find a way to repair that one day, but for now I'm leaving it. I'll post before and after photos here once I'm done. Pretty psyched about this ATV. It's my first, and it's looking pretty good! Just so you don't have to wait tooooo long, here's a "before" pic.
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            Click image for larger version

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            Here's the ATV after removing all of the stickers, and doing a good general cleaning. I've hit it with soap and water, baby wipes, and then alcohol on the tough spots - especially the glue residue. It works! There's still some cleaning to do, and then once the plastic polish gets here, I'll try that out to remove any remaining spots and improve the shine. I plan to use the polish to shine up my dulled undersea sled windows, and the AT Helicopter windshield. The crane assembly arrived from 3rd Son today, and will go on once the polishing is finished and the stickers are on. I also had a more than generous Trencher offer to send me a new seat so I don't have to fix the stick after all! You know who you are. THANKS!!! Once that's all done I'll post a final photo with and without Joe. This is a good introduction to restoration (for me) and I'm now more aware of how to restore the helicopter, which is my next project.


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              Looking great so far! I can hardly wait to see the finished product!


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                Here are my projects. First up is the SOTW I restrung last year. The uniform is vintage, but I'm not sure if the helmet is vintage. The rest are Cots. I do want to go all vintage with this one, so if anyone has anything for a decent price let me know.

                2nd pic is my next project. I got this one in a parts lot off ebay like 15 years ago. I have the restringing kit from Cots for the arms. The head looks like it still has alittle black paint for the hair, so that's what I'm gonna paint his hair.

                3rd pic is a figure I picked up from a thrift store. gonna completely redo him with various parts form my parts bin. Not sure what I'm gonna do with him yet.

                There are ALOT more projects I have going that involves 3 3/4" Joes and Star Wars, like restore my Death Star Command Station, finish complete my vintage AT-AT, restoring my 3 3/4 Joe vehicles and much more. Plus, theres my art. Too much!!!!!!!
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                  Okay, so now I want to open the ATV to clean out the inside and replace the seat. The front screw was no issue. The two side screws though, are located directly beneath the two middle wheels. Does anyone have a good trick for getting these screws out? I'm hoping not to have to remove the wheels, since it might result in breaking the yellow cover over the axel. Thanks!


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                    Another Joe Room.


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