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    Try using a little superglue in the joint area. Apply it while constantly moving the joint. As it dries, it adds resistance.

    Hope that helps. If it seizes up, it's not my fault. Smile.


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      Here's what I was working on today. The Joe in pieces from this lot I purchased a while back - got his left calf reattached, and a new right calf and foot. He also got a new left forearm and hard hand today. He needs to be restrung, which will happen shortly, and his head's flocking was pretty messed up. I'll post when he's all put back together. Still haven't sent the heads off for flocking. I'll probably do that in July. Too many projects piling up. (Joe and otherwise).

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        Originally posted by Myles_Falworth View Post
        The knee joints, and the right foot joint are pretty loose. I'm not sure what to do about that other than try to hammer the rivets in tighter. This Joe has no stress cracks (unless you count the broken arms!) and I don't want to create any new cracks. But he can barely stand on his own. If anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate your input.
        You might be able to re-tighten the rivets, thus fixing the loose joints, but I wouldn't risk a hammer. At least not directly. Maybe use a wooden block as a backing on one side of the rivet and a short wooden dowel as the striking post. Tap with controlled, firm taps and test the joint tightness frequently. That might lessen the risk of stress cracks caused by the impact. Better yet, you might be able to find a hand-held (plyer-like?) rivet tool at a craft store that would work. If you plan on restoring more figures it might be worth the investment.


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          Bulletman is in the house! He arrived today with the rest of the lot. He went immediately into an induced coma until his injuries can be repaired.
          Surgeons are conferring on whether to treat him in house or have him airlifted to a Level 1 Trauma center in Maryland.


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            ???????Update: I still haven't restrung the Land Adventurer from post # 32, but here's a photo of the figure as of today. He now has all of his limbs, and I'm about to send his head away for reflocking. This figure will stay in my collection. I like the old broken Joes who can be restored. I don't like the idea of selling him after so much work has been put into making him whole again. I think he will wear the bomber jacket from the lot he was in, and maybe the plaid shirt and a pair of jeans. I think his Adventuring days are nearly over. But I might change my mind. Looking forward to seeing how he comes out after the restring and the reflock, and a general cleaning.


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              Today I purchased an AT Adventurer figure from a seller on Ebay. I got him pretty cheap, and he does have issues. Namely, a chewed up right hand, and crumbled hip joints. I've ordered 2 new hip joints from Cotswold's, and a restore kit for Bulletman in the same shipment. I'm not hung up on restoring with all vintage parts for the Adventurer. He will be my final addition to the vintage Adventure Team I'm building - with the possible exception of the Talking MOA that Scott Wilde is working on for me. Really looking forward to picking him up later this month in Louisville! I also am now in the market for a black right hand for my "new" Adventurer. I'll then need to do at least a restring on the legs and torso - since I'll need to replace the crumbled joints. I'll post some pics here when he arrives, and at various stages in the restore. I have a beautiful Adventurer uniform just waiting for this guy. He's been long awaited!


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                I just finished a Vietnam Joe kitbash. The next (kinda) Joe project is converting a Conquest X-30 into a Gatchaman (G-Force) fighter for my Microman Gatchaman figure. I've already re-contoured the wings and rudder to sharkfin shapes, but I still need to make a pointier nose and paint it white, red and blue.


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                  I stopped playing with my Joes when I discovered girls can be fun to play with when I was about 13. I did however admire the Big Trapper when in came out in 1976 as I was a huge MSV fan when it came out. Recently decided to add the Big Trapper set to my collection after all these years. It would cost me about 4 bills to purchase a complete set with the box. So with this in mind I have slowly began purchasing what I need for the set a little at a time. As we all know this does not come cheap but I hope to keep it way under 4 bills. Even had to have an Commander Intruder shipped from across the pond. A really nice lady gave me a great deal on a mint one.


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                    Nice! We want to see pics when it's done!!! ?


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                      If you were wanting to see pics of the Adventurer, here he is! The hand can wait for now, and the hip joints are not that bad, so I didn't restring him after all. Here he is dressed out in his finery. I'll get a new group shot of the whole Adventure Team once the Kentucky show is done and I have my Talking MOA back and dressed.


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                        Wow! He turned out really great!


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                          Friday night I finally got the upper right bicep for my Bulletman. It's a little rough, with some large areas of missing chrome. I think it can be fixed up easily with a chrome pen however. It will be a while before I can begin restoration. I just got back from Kentuckiana, and the work its piled up. However I'm happy to have all the parts (except for one missing red boot) to finish my Bulletman. I'll post photos once I'm done.


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                            Well, over a week has gone by. All I've done is to put the Emergency Rescue set on one of my Sea Adventurers. Had lots of family stuff to deal with, plus catching up on work. I'll post again when I have something else done and some more pictures. I did hear from the guy reflocking (partially) the head from post #27 above. The head should have shipped today, so I'll post the completed figure pics once the head gets here.


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                              ????After the KY Expo, I finally got to finish a vintage German. I scored a great deal on a blonde SOW (thanks, Ricky) with original vintage uniform and helmet. I already had several odds and ends in my junk box. I like the Dragon schmeisser better than the vintage one, so that's what I used. The Dragon P-38 is far superior to the original vintage Luger, too. So this is actually a kitbash vintage upgrade sort of figure. But I like it.

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                                After the kentuckiana expo, I also had a chance to put together an accidental Russian. Accidental because I didn't go there with an objective of finding one. But I scored a super deal on a brown-haired SOW and an awesome looking uniform, so I couldn't resist. Instead of the vintage gear, I loaded him up with a PPSH-41 and added a spare magazine pouch on his belt. The Tokarev pistol was a nice touch with a pleather case. The binocular case was made of a similar material and looked pretty cool on the vintage figure, so I used it. This ended up being another kitbash modern-ish vintage figure. I think the vintage Russian accessories were pretty terrible, so this is a huge improvement!

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20190730_184436698~2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	55.9 KB ID:	3506 ??????

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                                picking through everybody's "buck boxes" at the Kentucky expo and in my own junk box at home, I found everything I needed, except for the furry hat! Myles_Falworth sent me a really cool CC era Russian hat to complete the look (thanks, Myles) - this is how Hasbro should have done it back in the 60s!
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                                - ATC

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