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    Originally posted by Unveiled View Post
    For my project I need a nude BBI figure of a particular guy, see photo, if anyone has one, PM me. It will be historical, and I’ll reveal it if I think it turned out successfully! The BBI was in the Freedom Force series, and I think also ran again as “Rogue.”
    UPDATE: Got the figure, so the project can get underway!


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      Restrung a Talking Man of Action recently... Going to restring my AT Commander and Black AT Commander soon...
      I'm sending the AT Commander and MOA talk boxes to Scott Wilde to be repaired...That I know nothing about...lol
      The black Commander seems to talk ok so he will only get restrung...


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        I finally got around to working on one of my many projects. I was able to resting this guys arm with Cots restringing kit. He also has Cots feet, hands, and upper right arm. I may have to restring his legs eventually because the original elastic isn't like it used to be. But, for now, it still holds up. Now I need to clean up his face and repaint. There is still some black on his head, so I am assuming he is a brunette, so that's what he will be. Here is a before and after pic.
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          Click image for larger version

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          I'm beginning to get rid of some of my less wanted figures and to focus on the nicer figures and vehicles. Primarily vintage. I put some Walmart Joes up for trade at the Facebook page today. I'll post them in the Classified section too if there's no interest. My latest acquisition is the main part of the AT Trouble Shooter. I never had one of these as a kid, and from the price tag on most never thought I would. But I acquired three different parts of the Troubleshooter in various lots I've purchased, and then a few days ago, I ran across an auction on Ebay for the Troubleshooter with no pieces except the tracks and wheels - for a good price. So I won the auction, it arrived yesterday, and today I slapped on the parts I have. So here's how it looks so far. I know I need stickers, and the body could use a good cleaning and polishing. I need the battery cover and antenna, the windshield, the orange front grille which says "Trouble shooter" and the two small black pieces which go on top. But I'm satisfied with the progress so far. Here's a pic so you can see the beginning shot of this project.


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            That's coming along great Myles_Falworth! :-)


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              Originally posted by Myles_Falworth View Post
              Okay! Newest project (a small one but significant). I'm in the process of setting up Adventure Team Headquarters! It is now on top of the hutch of a desk in my study, and waiting to raise the tower and move in the gear. The Joes are already up there working, but the Commander is still driving in. I hope to have photos of the completed layout in the next day or so. For now, the move is on. The only casualty so far was a reproduction tripod leg for the Tank Commander's radio. I'll have to beg Matsquatch customs for a new one. Other than that it's been smooth sailing.
              I'm currently working on an AT Headquarters as well. Hope your HQ is coming along. Post pics when you are done. The search is on for me for the many small pieces. Some are hard to find and the sellers know it. They don't come cheap.


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                Already did in this thread: http://www.thetrenchesforum.com/foru...rting-for-duty


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