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    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	75.8 KB ID:	5108
    Omaha Beach is secured! My Normandy Ranger arrived today. This is the first one I've ever seen up close, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed by the quality of this figure! His uniform is vintage WWII style, complete with realistic and well-fitting helmet, puttees, tan equipment pouches and "Ranger" emblem on the sleeve. Here are a few up close shots of this wonderful Gi Joe Club figure from quite a few years back. Enjoy!


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      Great figure! The club has always done some nice stuff, from what I understand the convention items were really nice.
      I really like that he came with a Thompson, it's my understanding they were great guns.


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        Bought another large lot on Ebay tonight. This one has 3 vintage Joes, and 4 modern ones, but comes with some cool AT equipment, including the blue equipment tester. Here's one photo from the web of the lot. I'm really looking forward to restoring and outfitting these Joes. I really like replacing KFG hands. It's easy and makes a dramatic difference. I'll have to decide whether to reflock one of them. The Sea Adventurer has some balding spots in his flocking. We'll see.
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          That's a great haul!


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            Thanks! I've gone through everything now. Replaced one set of KFG hands on the LA with a new pair of Geyperman hands from Cots. Ordered 3 more pairs from Hobbycrash since Cots is out of them right now. I have the uniform for both LA and SA, except no shoulder holsters or dog tags. But uniforms are nice. SA uni has one snap, so I think maybe it went with a Muscle Body Joe originally? Mike Power needs major surgery on his bionic leg. The knee was put on backwards at the factory. I will need to remove the rivet, then reorient the lower leg and reattach with the same rivet if possible. His grey jumpsuit is included, and will need to be laundered. The other 4 figures are mostly Classic Collection, with one HOF Joe - the Army General. He is missing his helmet, and his dog tags, also the tassle from his holster, and also the pistol too. The camo outfitted Joe is a Vietnam Jungle Recon figure, missing his black beret, his machete (I've ordered a replacement from Ebay), and his dog tags. Everything else is there. His arm "chopping action" works too. The guy with the desert camo trousers is CC but not SA. He is missing his left hand. It looks a lot like KFG hands, but may be hard to find. He is wearing a HOF Snake Eyes vest. No other Snake Eyes gear in the lot. Lastly I have a SA Joe. From the included gear, I think this guy is a Vietnam Gunner. He is missing his t-shirt, but I have one on order from Zhukov's Closet. He also is missing his M60, and the ammo bandolier. I'm fairly certain I have a spare bandolier in my modern stash. Also, he came with the bipod for the M60, so he's nearly complete. All in all, a great lot, especially with the mostly complete Night Surveillance Equipment Tester. The black trouser bottoms are included! I have two repro struts for it somewhere. Now if I can just lay my hands on those! The last curious item is the olive drab jumpsuit. This is an Ultimate Soldier Helicopter Pilot flight suit. The set comes with one boot, a helmet with a few pieces missing, a web belt and canteen, and the binoculars. Very interesting set of cross generational Joes. I'm in the process of restoring the vintage Joes, and re-outfitting some of the new Joes. The HOF Joe will be sold, along with a partial HOF Admiral I have. Everything else is staying with my collection, except for some of the AT sets for which I already have extras. A couple of them still have their vintage AT logos. A few of the other AT items are also from the 1975 collection. There are parts from Vulture Pass, and others.
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              Made a nice discovery today. I was looking at Ebay, where someone was selling a vinyl black belt which goes to the Mike Powers "Race for Recovery" set. The lot I bought includes the jumpsuit from the set, and I looked through my collection today, and voila! I found the belt! It's being listed on the bay for $70. So it was quite a score from my extras today! Now to find extras of some of the other parts of this set. I know I have an extra pick for it, and also and extra radiation container, but I don't know if I still have a spare green compass anymore. I'll have to do some reorganizing of the collection this summer, and see what I've got in the different boxes I have.


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                I pulled the trigger on another large lot today. I couldn't pass this one up. It has the AT Jeep from Sandstorm Survival, the AT Helicopter (my third), the chest winch, parts of the Windboat, with two Man of Action figures, one talking, and one regular, plus some of the plastic tent poles, some other accessories, AND the Turbo Swamp Craft, with all of its accessories. Quite a treasure trove here. I just couldn't resist!
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                  You always seem to get good lots!! And I'm sure they weren't cheap. I wish I had the money to spend like you do.


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                    I've been saving for a while. I look on Ebay under Gi Joe Adventure Team Lot, and I often look under newly listed, instead of just least time remaining in auctions. This one I made an offer to the seller, and he countered once, and then I accepted. I got what I think is a fair price. But I can't do this often. It's way too expensive. But when you think that some of the really nice figure sets go for $300 or more, then this was a really good value for the money. I just keep looking, and sometimes, a treasure like this pops up. What I wish, is that I could stumble on a garage sale, or have someone come up to me wanting to unload their old Joes. Never happens. So I shop on Ebay, and sometimes on Facebook marketplace. This was from Ebay though. I think the seller is an antiques dealer. There wasn't any bidding war on this set either. I was the only bidder, and waited until about 3 hours before the auction end. 14 people were following, but nobody bid. So I won it. Lucky I guess! But I get beat lots of times from more experienced bidders too.
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                      I actually bid on a large vehicle and figure lot over a year ago, and lost to none other than Joezeta! I saw all the same stuff for sale from him shortly after the auction ended. So you win some, and you lose some. Today, I won! I feel very fortunate.


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                        "I wish I had the money to spend like you do." HAHA! I get a kick out of it when folks say stuff like that! We all prioritize our spending and balance stuff differently. Myles spends more than I do on Joe stuff, but I bet he doesn't spend NEARLY as much as I do on vices. My money goes toward fast women, slow horses, and imported whisky -- but I usually waste the rest. That doesn't leave much for Joe stuff. Life's about choices. ;-)
                        - ATC


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                          Originally posted by ATC View Post
                          Myles spends more than I do on Joe stuff, but I bet he doesn't spend NEARLY as much as I do on vices. My money goes toward fast women, slow horses, and imported whisky -- but I usually waste the rest.
                          - ATC
                          LOL That's true, I don't spend any money on other vices. Except occasionally Planet of the Apes figures, Star Trek figures and the occasional Micronaut. I do have a bottle of Bushmills in the cabinet. What is your preferred poison ATC?


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                            Originally posted by ATC View Post
                            "I wish I had the money to spend like you do." HAHA! I get a kick out of it when folks say stuff like that! - ATC
                            I'm currently unemployed, so I don't have any kind of budget other than bills and groceries. I am occasionally able to pick up something small, or inexpensive.

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                              Originally posted by Myles_Falworth View Post

                              I do have a bottle of Bushmills in the cabinet. What is your preferred poison ATC?
                              Those were examples of common vices. None of them are mine. I don't chase women, gamble, or drink. All of our money goes toward living expenses... and my wife's &$#&@! horses. If there was ever a curse upon the male of our species, it's the four-legged equine money pit that inexplicably fascinates and mesmerizes women. I'll be eating dog food in my retirement, because all the money we should have invested over all these years went in one end of horses and out the other. And vet bills. And ferrier bills. And special feed. And trailers. And trucks. And tack. And... And... And.. (sigh).
                              - ATC


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                                I've actually never opened the Bushmills. I have never tasted whiskey (though I regret saying it in a mostly male forum), except inside chocolates, and Irish coffee. However I thought as a man with considerable Irish blood, I might like to try some Irish whiskey straight up someday. An even more Irish friend of mine claims that Bushmills is only good for mixing, and if I wish to sip, it should be Jamieson's whiskey, which I will likely purchase (and try) before next St. Patrick's Day. But I hardly ever drink at all, so I don't expect to love it.

                                Daryl, I know what it's like to be unemployed. I hope you find good work soon. It's no fun not being able to earn and live by the fruit of your earnings. I will pray for you. And ATC, I will hope that someday, your horses will produce a colt who you may sell for a fortune. I am gainfully employed for now, and eyeing retirement in the next few years - though I expect to continue working at least part-time after that. My field is extraordinarily stressful, and about 2 years is all I think I can take. I hope to continue collecting for some years to come, but I have to pace myself due to my other family obligations.

                                I hope you enjoy my posts, and will help anyone with their collections who asks. I have quite a few extras, which I'll start listing sometime this summer, either on the Facebook site, here, or on Ebay. Haven't decided yet. I don't believe all Gi Joe stuff should go to the wealthy - and I think I've shown that in the past. I like offering uniforms for low prices form time to time, and I love to trade whenever possible. Cheers! I'll post photos of some of the things I've purchased before long. I also will soon post pics of the Troubleshooter I've pieced together. I never did get around to that, but it's mostly complete now. Look for those pics this week.


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